A Jus in 20 Minutes!

Reduce Beef Broth into Jus
Photo: Tim Elwin

A Jus (that thick, rich and syrupy sauce predominantly used in restaurants) is usually made over a couple of days…

The time consuming process of roasting the bones (chicken, beef etc), simmering the bones in water for anywhere from 4-12 hours whilst constantly skimming the “scum” off the top so it doesn't go cloudy, straining, solidifying the fat in order to remove it all, then reducing over a few more hours, straining again then reducing again until it's like a syrup, usually by around 80% depending on the amount of collagen in the bones used in the beginning.

"A sauce is what brings the whole plate together"

So if you want to do this you can. click here to find our Beef and Chicken stocks recipes.

Otherwise if you only have 20 minutes here’s the cheats way!

Simply go and buy a high quality free range stock (it needs to be low or no salt content otherwise it will turn into vegemite) such as The Stock Merchant Chicken or Beef bone broth or stock. They only use free range produce and what makes them perfect for reducing is that there is no added salt. They also thicken perfectly.

Place 500mls of whichever stock you are choosing into a small to medium sized pot and boil lid off on a medium-high to high heat for 20 minutes or until reduced by 80-85%. This will give you around 70 mls of jus which will be “just” enough for 3 people so best put on a litre (you will need to double to reduction time) as you can always freeze it…

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