Urban Munching was created to help home cooks to get the best out of a meal with tips and tricks! If there’s a quicker way to put a delicious meal on the table, we'll find it! Constantly on the lookout for different ways to make life easier in the kitchen, whether that be through a method or an off the shelf product.

Quite simply, we write the full recipe but add in any cheats notes or quicker ways to achieving the same outcome (or as close to). We test countless products in search of an easier way and we'll only endorse products that actually work (and taste good of course!)

There are still a few "full on" recipes however most of the content on this site is about helping you save time in the kitchen. Handy hints and hacks that deliver cracking results without the stress.

We also delve into Food Trends so you can stay on top of what's happening around the globe and how that influences our cuisines and what you end up putting on your plate!

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Tim Elwin, Editor-in-Chief

Tim has been in the food industry for the past decade having run his own food business for 8 years which offered wholesale, retail, catering, cooking classes and had a weekly pop-up restaurant 3 nights a week in Sydney. Through this he was a pioneer in driving ethical and sustainably produced food in Sydney long before the supermarkets started using terms like free range and organic to sell more products. Tim has worked for himself, start-ups and Not-for-Profit Industry Bodies giving him a wide degree of industry knowledge.

Tim has been writing recipes for over 20 years, initially writing a cookbook for his friends and family. This is where the idea for The Easy Way, The Best Way & The Only Way method of writing recipes came from. 20 years on and after having some of his recipes published in cookbooks, he is sharing his knowledge through this website.  

Who know's we might see a new cookbook one day.